Meanwhile, Back in the Garden… July 2015

It has been a strange summer in Washington…. very strange. When you think of Washington state (particularly Western Washington) , what is the first thing that comes to mind? Apples? Mountains? Probably most of you thought rain right? We’ve had one decent rain in over a month, that’s it. It’s so dry most of the ground is dusty. The ground is never dusty on this side of the Mountains! Temperatures most days  are in the mid 80’s to high 90’s and it just won’t let up. We are in dire need of some serious moisture! I feel like I’m gardening in a completely different zone!

It’s funny, I think I do this every summer: I expect the garden to be in full harvest mode in July and it’s never really there until August. It’s like my harvest clock is confused. I then proceed to feel aggravated as if I have failed when, in fact, I’m almost there. So I’m trying really hard to keep that in mind as the month comes to a close and I anxiously wait for the fruits of my labor to perk up. Come check it out!


Lets start with the pretties. I’m super proud of those. They are rockin and a rollin!

This is my very silly and probably favorite hanging basket. I think it looks a bit like an octopus with those tendrils which led to MM nick naming it the “Kraken Basket.”


The perennials are all in various stages of blooming. They’ve had tons of visitors from bumble bees to butterflies and even the hummingbird occasional .


Some of the new editions that I got at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show are still really tiny. Like the Astrantia Major:


Yep. this is all that it’s had for months! I don’t know what the deal is. I’m just sticking to the “Don’t F@#$ with it” method since I’m afraid if I give it too much attention it will die. My plan is to pot this little guy and bring it in before the frost this fall. Hopefully it just needs another year to build up.

Any thoughts on why this little guy isn’t getting any bigger?

As for the dahlias….


It seems like every day I go out to the dahlia jungle, and a new one opens up…


Today’s model is called “Pooh”



So some things have been harvested like the garlic and unfortunately the onions.


I’m not really sure what happened. One day all the stems were up and happy, the next they were all bent in half. No stem = no growth. So I ended up with a bunch a little onions this year. I really was hoping for “bigger than my fist” sized onions like what I had last year. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I do have a few left that are doing well so we might still get a few monsters before the season is over.


On the bright side, that left me with some unexpected real estate which I used to plant some more lettuce for the late summer.

The peas finally got the memo and are doing well. I’m really happy with how sturdy the tee pee trellis worked out.


The cucumbers are making their way up their saw horse trellis. I thought they’d be farther along but at least they’re happy. The zucchini are doing great too. I’d love to show you but I keep eating them all!


As for the tomatoes…


I can figure out why they are yellowing so much. I’m watering and fertilizing like I always do. Furthermore they’re producing fairly well. I’m just going to blame it on the weather.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome!

The big ones, on the other hand, are doing great! Green tomatoes everywhere, and a couple of red too!


Last but not least, the black berries in the corner of our house are starting to ripen. I can’t wait to make blackberry mojito jam with them!


How’s it going in your garden?

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