Small Town Girl’s Favorite Finds: 4th of July Edition

Just in time for the 4th of July! Here’s some fantastic ideas for your holiday weekend! Check out Pinterest board for more fabulous finds!

Red White and Blue Finger Jello from the Brown Eyed Baker. I don’t know what it is about finger Jello but I love it! For me, it’s synonymous with the 80’s and my childhood. Ah nostalgia. Click on the pic to go to the link!


I always to my nails up for the holidays and I have quite a few lady friends who do as well. We just got to get our nails did! These Patriotic 4th of July Nail Ideas from Crafty Morning are perfect!! Click on the pic to go to the link!


4th of July Dipped Pretzels from The 36th Avenue. White chocolate with pretzels? Yes please!! I adore sweet and salty treats. This one will wow your guests! Click on the pic to go to the link!


Proud Pallet: Rustic Americana Flag from Plan it DIY. I really want to make one of these. If I wasn’t packing for our fishing trip, I would be out getting the supplies today! One of our neighbors has one that they leave up year round. It looks stunning on their porch! This is a must make in my book! Click on the pic to go to the link!


4th of July Angel Cake and Berry Trifle Recipe by Munchkin Time. A refreshing desert for you 4th cookout. This simple fruity treat will blow your guests away! Click on the pic to go to the link!

4th of July Fireworks Cake Roll from Big Bear’s Wife. I love how cute this came out. Angie’s instructions are easy detailed and easy to follow with lots of pretty pictures. My kind of girl! Click on the pic to go to the link!


4th of July Tin Can Windsocks from Random Thoughts of a Supermom. I love this kid friendly craft. Usually kid friendly to me means, “Gee that’s cute dear.” Then go hide it somewhere no one will ever see the abomination lol. Kelli takes you step by step through how to make these and make them look good! I seriously love/want some!


Oh my goodness, stop the presses!! I found this just after I posted! I had to run back and add this one. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a festive and refreshing cocktail! Sparkling Red, White, and Blue Sangria from Gimme Some Oven is sure to please!! Click on the pic to go to the link!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this special edition of Favorite Finds!

Did you find something new for your holiday weekend? Which one’s your favorite?

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