Small Town Girl’s Favorite Finds

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but have had been hard pressed to find time while working. But summer is upon us and I have big plans for the blog! In this new installment, I will share my favorite posts from fellow bloggers. I follow so many wonderful blogs, it’s hard not to share! Also check out the Pinterest board for new awesome posts!

First up, one of my absolute favoritest bloggers: Dixie Chick Cooks. This girl slays me with her recipes! Half the time I feel like she’s in my head pulling from all my favorite flavors and turning them into simply ingenious recipes! This one is no exception. I loooooove Micheladas! This was my favorite drink when I was in Puerto Vallarta last fall. I’m intrigued to try her twist of using pasta sauce in the mix. Yum! Click on the pic to go to the link!

The MicheladaNext up Real Advice Gal and her canned peach butter. Peach butter!?!? I didn’t know you could use other fruits!! I love peaches and I love apple butter. I have to try this in the summer!! Holy yum! Click on the pic to go to the link!

Homemade Canned Peach ButterAnnnnnd now onto the Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball courtesy of Marty’s Musings. I love the idea of a sweet cheese ball. I love any new spin on a cheese ball! Awesome and easy! Win, win! Click of the pic to go to the link!

With just a few common ingredients, this deliciously sweet Chocolate Chip Cheeseball is an easy yet impressive dessert to share with friends and family.Last but certainly not least: BBQ Pulled Pork Hash from Jessica at Savory Experiments. Jessica is one of the first bloggers I started to follow when I discovered the wonderful world of link parties. Her posts are outstanding and she remains one of my favorites to follow! When I saw this picture, my stomach instantly started to rumble. I’m in love with hash. Add pulled pork to the mix? Yes please!! Click on the pic to go to the link!

BBQ Pulled Pork Hash is my hands down, favorite Sunday brunch recipe. Ready in only 15 minutes and easily modified, it is simple and tasty. | #pulledpork |

Which one is your favorite? 

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