Sekiu Halibut Trip 2015

Well, it wasn’t the best halibut trip, but it wasn’t the worst either. We certainly didn’t come home empty handed, the weather was great, and the company fantastic! I managed to sprain my pinky tossing a football around on the last evening…. besides natural clumsiness, my dear friend Sailor Jerry was also involved in this debacle. Suffice to say, it hurts to type. I think we’ll just do pictures and captions today, sound good? Ok!

The water was consistently rough most of the trip. Here’s where it got to be to chaotic to fish….

Here’s me hanging on for dear life!


Our sweet sweet ride for most of the trip.



Aptly named… This is Bob, owner of the Bobber and Mountain Man’s dad.



Sadly, the only halibut we caught all weekend.


But we were happy to be catching cod too. This is Mr. Awesome enjoying bringing in his catch.


Oh my Cod!


So many boats!!


One of my highlights was driving the big boat!


After halibut closed, we did a quick run for sea bass off “The Caves”. It’s like fish in a barrel. We caught 12 in a little over an hour. Easy peasy. A great morale boost for the less fruitful trips.


The main cave of “The Caves”


These are also considered part of the “The Caves” but I think they should be called “The Toes.”


He is so cool! Love my MM ❤


When we weren’t on the boat, we were here, at Van Ripers.


Me and Mrs. Stout cutting loose. They brought this fantastic redneck board game. Hilarious!


The fat sea lions come strickly for halibut season. They eat all the carcasses, mate, and are gone with fishermen once halibut season closes.


Excuse me, I think someone broke the dock… lol

8 thoughts on “Sekiu Halibut Trip 2015

  1. I am a big fan of boating, but an even bigger fan of White Swiss Shepherds! Couldn’t resist admiring your 2 beautiful Shepherds, I have a 5yr old female ‘Storm’, she’s the most amazingly loyal and loving dog! Enjoyed you post, look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

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