Meanwhile, Back at the Garden…. May 2015

Things are finally starting to happen! Sprouts, buds, flowers, shoots, all waking up!


Spurge blossoms


This is one of the four perennial starts I got at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. All 4 have little leaves coming through, I can’t wait to see them bloom 🙂


Most of the dahlias have poked through.


My lettuce plot, I just threw a ton of seeds in there and we’ll see what happens. That’s kind of been my attitude about a lot of things in my garden this year. Apparently the weeds have the same idea. Sigh, the never ending gardeners battle.


The carrots were also simply scattered in their respective buckets. I’m loving how they burst through the soil like tiny fissures in the ground erupting green goodness.
IMG_8252 IMG_8169

Cucumber on the left, zucchini on the right. So cute!

IMG_8176 IMG_8250

Now on the the challenges and learning portion of the post. First up, peas… WTF!?!? Peas are the easiest thing to plant! I have never ever ever had a problem with growing peas until now. First, I purchased garden twine, which apparently is very soft and after a few rains, snapped and fell apart. Totally annoyed. What is the point of twine that doesn’t stay? I don’t get it. Second, the plants were getting munched on! At first I thought maybe it was bugs but then I found slime trails. Slugs? I’ve never had a problem with slugs going after my peas. Squash, sure, but never peas!


Ah, much better. Sisal twine and a healthy dose of slug bait. Now can we have some growth please? K thanks!


Drat,  my impatience always bites me in the butt! This is one of my very sad tomato plants. I put them out too early and the cold mornings killed off most of their lower leaves. I was about to call the whole thing a wash when MM’s mom came to visit and coaxed me into saving them. The tops are healthy and you can see there are little sprouts coming in where the lower leaves died off. Still I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket, no sir! I’m curious how well they will produce but I’m not confident in their yeild.


So I got rid of two that were beyond repair and purchased 3 very healthy looking plants from Freddy’s. Mr. Stripey… I had to, the name made me giggle. Now I have 6 plants, half mine, half people who know what they’re doing lol. Either way, there will be tomatoes, oh yes, there will be many tomatoes!


My annuals are doing fantastic. I can’t wait to put them out front in my homage to Grandma Bev. Still waiting on the daffodil foliage to die out but a few of the pots and hanging baskets have made their way out front. For more information on annual flowers, check out this post:

Fun with Annual Flowers


Every once in a while Home Depot will surprise me with a unique plant that I just have to have. Meet Lewisa. She is so pretty! The flowers come in tones of pink and orange amidst long slightly succulent leaves. I love it! Now to see how it behaves over time.


I’ve also recently replenished my succulent bowl. See the rock smiling at your? That would be Mountain Man’s contribution to the garden art.


My first bearded iris bloom of the year. This thing is HUGE! Bigger than a soft ball. I can’t wait till it’s friends pop open. Maybe a week or two?


How are things going in your garden?

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Garden…. May 2015

  1. I love this time of year… with all of the garden getting started in the growing season… yours looks great. I like the towers for things to grow up… great idea… I have used those, but have not put the strings around them… I will be trying that. 🙂 Thank you for a nice post.

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