Springtime on the River

IMG_7935Yesterday was my first time back on the boat since September. It was wonderful. Cold! But wonderful. We met MM’s parents at the Cowlitz River in search of steelhead. Fall and Winter are certainly more prosperous ventures for these tasty salmonids but Spring can be surprising. Yesterday was not one of those surprising day. Drifting in and out of countless others vying for a bite can be frustrating. Even more infuriating are the crystal clear waters displaying the fish practically within grabbing distance. If that IMG_7911weren’t enough, watching your lure go right past their pointy snouts without the slightest reaction of interest, will certainly have you tearing your hair out. Patience is key… beer helps too.


After several hours of this, I lost interest and turned my attention to the scenery. The Spring green of the trees and shrubs seemed to almost glow in their newness and brightness.


The homes and cabins of the lucky few who can afford such embellishments turned on my internal “When I have a house of my own” button on and kept it running most of the afternoon with décor and DIY projects dancing in my head.

IMG_7916Why yes, I would love to stay in your matching guest shanty on the river!

IMG_7921An outdoor living room?? Snazzy!!

Undoubtedly the highlight of my day was the birds. Large and small, they were out in force. Several Canadian geese couples were cosseting their newly hatched goslings along the banks. Bright orange and yellow finches took bathes in the shallows. Hordes of sparrows circled and swooped continuously hunting for insects along the surface of the water.

IMG_7982Oh but the big ones were, by far, the show stoppers of the day. A family of bald eagles took turns orbiting the river and the bomb diving into the depths with a large splashy crash and then quickly soaring off with their meal.  Their great wings majestic and proud as the country they signify. As symbolic as these animals are, it was refreshing to watch them play and bicker just as all of God’s flawed creatures do.

IMG_7992     My kingdom for a long lens. I think I will ask for one this Christmas!IMG_7990Several blue heron’s soared up and down the rivers like commuter flights of the ecosystem. Their long lines remnant of ancient ancestors that once ruled the world for far longer than we can claim. From fierce, carnivorous, predators to graceful, elegant, hunters they glide in silence that demands appreciation.


The river in Springtime is such an ethereal and vibrant place.

How was your weekend? What do you love about springtime?

10 thoughts on “Springtime on the River

  1. Excellent bird photography. I especially like the shot of the heron. Don’t know about the lens, but you sure have the settings right. 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures! When we go Up North (aka going to a family cottage in Northern MI) we are always on the look out for bald eagles. There is a family that lives on a little island right by the cottage so we usually see them. I have yet to capture them with my zoom lens I recently got, maybe this year will be the year! Thanks for linking up with Idea Box!

  3. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Magazine worthy. Thank you very much for joining in the celebration of #purebloglove, we enjoy having you each week. I hope to see you on Thursday at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

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