Veggie Plotting: Phase 2

Finally! After several very soggy weeks the sun came out and decided to stay for a while. I knew the minute I saw all suns across the weekly view on my weather app that it was time to get back to planting. I was borderline giddy when I woke up this weekend to the celestial morning light coming through the blinds. I hardly made it through my typical couch/coffee/Kelly and Michael weekend ritual before I was getting dressed and heading out the door to get a few provisions for the day. Upon returning, the game was afoot!


I have had the worst time trying to get decent carrots to grow. The ground soil is very nutrient rich but also loamy and tends to compact too tightly for the little guys to really get deep and big. I usually only end up with about 10 out of 100 that are actually passable. Enter Mark’s Veg Plot, a fellow blogger I thoroughly enjoy following. In one of his recent posts, We Have Lift-Off he mentioned that he grows his carrots in rubbermade totes! So smart! I can use potting soil and have a mini portable raised bed!


Sooooo, I purchased a couple long, deep, and cheap flower planters. I made a 50/50 mix of compost and potting soil, scattered the seeds, sprinkled soil over them, and watered. I hope this works!

As silly as it sounds, I don’t really like carrots…. but MM does so I grow them for him. I would love to be able to pack carrots in his lunch for several weeks rather than days this season.


Since I’ve decided not to deal with sugar pumpkins this year that means I get to dedicate my entire A frame trellis to cucumbers! One side will be slicers, the other will be pickling. I can’t wait for pickles! They’re like natures potato chip and I can’t stop eating them! Again the issue of soil easily compacting comes into play. So I start them off in a long mound of potting soil and compost. Once they hit the loamy stuff, they’ll be well established and loving life.



Oh tomato, you tricky little minx. As you can see below they have out grown my windowsill lighting system. They are also fairly leggy. I’m ok with that. For a first half-assed attempt I think I did pretty good. After discussing with several gardening friends, I’ve decided that next year I will get real grow lights and keep a lot less space between the light and the plant.


Still they are viable. For the cherry tomatoes. which I hang in wooden baskets, my initial thought was to lay them diagonally so the lower stems would get buried and creat a better root system…..


But I forgot about wind and gravity. The slightest breeze and the fragile stems bent and snapped. Sigh. Physics rears its ugly head again!


However the golden nuggets apparently got the memo on what they were supposed to do so it’s not a total loss.


I guess I’ll just go to the store and get some proper starts…wait! Are those strawberries? Better get some of those too! I can never just get the one thing I’m supposed to get as a nursery. Although with a ring in at $7 this was probably the least expensive gardening trip ever!!


As for the big tomatoes, they are just great!! The early girls and beefmasters are adjusting well to their new outdoor digs. I burried them about a foot down. See all those little white hairs? Each one has potential to be a new root to assist feeding the plant. The more roots, the more tomatoes!


I got new colorful tomato cages. I just had to, they were so cute! Notice I put them in the ground pointy side down this time? I’m such a dunderhead! I assumed since they were sold pointy side up that you set them in the ground pointy side up. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why the cages weren’t very effective…. #facepalm.



Last but not least, the zucchini. Again, using a 50/50 mix of compost and potting soil, I made a few mounds about a foot or two apart. I figured 5 would be a conservative start since I always end up with way more than I actually need.


After mulching, it was time for a victory beer!

In related news:

The garlic is, well, perfect!!


The peas are about to begin their viney ascension up the tee-pee trellises.


The oregano and cat nip I planted last year came back with a vengeance!

IMG_7760    IMG_7761

My pretty annuals are getting comfortable in their new homes. I’m looking forward to putting them out front on display once the daffodil leaves die off.


How are things going in your garden?

What are you planting these days?

13 thoughts on “Veggie Plotting: Phase 2

  1. Good luck with your carrots. My last garden had heavy clay and carrots were so hard. Here they are so easy. Soil makes all the difference.

  2. I promised myself I wouldn’t plant any veggies this year…. So I bought a four-pack of okra and one of some type of hot peppers. I haven’t planted them yet, but I noticed yesterday that I have two volunteer tomato plants in the back yard, about 4-6 inches tall, that apparently are the result of some tomato bits I threw out to the birds at some point!

  3. I started a small ‘garden’ this year. It’s not a real garden because I live in an apartment and they are in pots on my balcony. I have bell peppers, chives, tomatoes, and strawberries. I figure if I can do it this way, then I can attempt a garden when we buy a house next Spring!

    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Mondays!

  4. Attempting tomatoes for my first time this year and I am so scared since they are such fragile plants. Actually moving them to individual biodegradable pots tomorrow, then soon enough they will be outside in the big planter!

  5. Your off to a great start this year. I love the growing season we are having in Western Wa 2015. Wowsa! Our garden is not totally planted yet. Our tomatoes and peppers are doing bango good in the greenhouse and we just put some peppers outside under plastic. Good luck this growing season! Carrots are tough. I never had any luck w the long ones in the ground. Try shorts!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #Purebloglove link party! The party starts every Thursday night at 8 p.m. est! It runs through the week end. I’m hosting at Can’t wait to see what you bring next Thursday. We love your ideas!

  6. Your plants look great! I love your cucumber trellis! I need to build something for mine this year. I’ve been letting them crawl along the ground which works ok, but if a chicken gets into the garden goodbye cukes!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! I hope you’ll join us again this week!


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