Gettin After It!!

Do you ever get sick for a week and then wake up one day refreshed and ready to rumble? That was today for Mountain Man and I. Damn, we were productive! It was great! We have been fighting the head cold from hell all week. Coming home each night and faceplanting into the bed well before 8pm only to whimper and whine all the way to work the next morning. I finally gave in and took Friday off and am thankful for it. I could barely get off the couch!

IMG_0972To boot, I had tickets for Mamma Mia on Saturday. I had to go! Those tickets were expensive and I got them in November! Sniffles and all I scurried out to the big bad city to meet up with my girls. It was awesome! I loved every minute of it! After the show we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Ristorante Machiavelli. It’s the ultimate in tiny hole-in-the-wall Italian eateries with a line out the door before they  even open. It’s that good! I was sad to part after dinner but knew I needed to go home and rest rather than gallivant around the city with my girls. God, I so wanted to gallivant! But home I went and was very happy to see my man, dog, cat, and bed.

IMG_6972Sunday began with MM and I wide awake before the sun was even up! Apparently after a week of doing nothing, our bodies were ready to work. So we got after it!

After breakfast and coffee, I got inspired to plant my dahlias. It’s a little early but the winter was practically non existent and spring has been remarkably warm, so why not? Meanwhile MM thached the front yard. Still in disbelief of how good I felt, I put on my boots and tromped out into our muddy back yard. I thought, for sure, I’d get maybe 2 plants in the ground, get dizzy, and give up…IMG_6973Nope, next thing I knew, they were all planted and I was ready for more!


MM and I headed to Home Depot for supplies for our (his) next project, fixing the mud pit of a back yard. Without a word or a request to help, he set up the fence, laid out fresh top soil, reseeded, and watered. Stella is less than thrilled.


I was not about to stand Idly by, so I picked away at the veggie garden maintenance. At first I was innocently mulching around the peas and onions….And I ran out of mulch! So I figured I’d give the old rototiller a try. Go figure, it decided to run like it was brand new!! So I happily tilled and weeded the area for squash and carrots.

IMG_6983   IMG_6982

I was so jazzed to find it was only 2:30! Victory beer!!


After an hour of enjoying our handiwork, I came in and made this work of art for dinner! It was epic! Swedish Meatballs with a little twist… recipe coming soon.


I love Sundays like this! Not a second wasted and spending it at home with my little family in our small town 🙂

How was your Sunday? 

Are you doing any spring gardening or matinence?

19 thoughts on “Gettin After It!!

  1. Oh I know exactly what you mean. It’s a great feeling to get lots of things done. And yes, I hope to get some of my gardening done on the weekend. My son is still in quarantine so we don’t have any other Easter plans this year.

    Stopping by from Favorite Things Thursday. Have a nice weekend!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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