My How You’ve Grown!

Yes, my friends, these are my tomatoes from seed. Can you feel me glowing with pride from behind the screen?? How did I get them to grow so healthy? Honestly I don’t know, lol. I used plain old incandescent lights, cheap potting soil, and no fertilizer! Sometimes, less is more I suppose. I’m just over the moon at how successful they’ve been so far. Please please please keep going, little guys! If I can take this all the way to fruit then I might feel confident in claiming I have a green thumb. I truly feel like this is my gardener’s right of passage.

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So Sunday I found a little time to re-pot my babies since they had certainly outgrown their peat pots…. I always wondered why I had a compulsion to save all these silly plastic pots, now I know!


When I pulled most of them out of the bin they were sitting in, I found that the roots had begun to blow out the bottom.


I love peat pots for stuff like this, they are so easy to cut and peel without hurting the seedlings.


Yay root ball!


Have you ever seen these velcro ties? Best thing ever!! Just cut off what you need and snap the ends together. These are super useful with the dahlias since they tend to get bigger and bigger as the summer rolls on. I cut an extra large piece and then adjust they expand. Cool right?


Here we are in our new home complete with support ties and label. Doesn’t Mr. Beefmaster look happy?


Of course nothing goes to waste. Everything in the compost bin!


Now back up to the sunny ledge with you! I’m thinking they’ll be ready to go in the garden in the beginning of May.

IMG_6748In related news, the onions I’ve grown from seed are doing well. They’re not quite ready to be put with their brethren starts in the ground but I’m optimistic they will be our last round of ripe onions before the fall freeze.

IMG_6771I also found my paperbush! I’m super excited about this. They were all over the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and I’ve been on the prowl for one ever since. After a few discouraging inquiries at a few local nurseries, I tracked it down at the Portland Nursery while visiting Caliente.


The herbs I planted at the time of the tomatoes have certainly been interesting. They seem to sit atop my kitchen sill, smirk, and say, “Whateva! I grow how I want!” Sigh, very well. Do your thang. I bet they’ll improve with the increase in sun.

 IMG_6776      IMG_6779 IMG_6782 IMG_6789

How are things going in your garden? 

What seeds have you started indoors? 

15 thoughts on “My How You’ve Grown!

  1. Love seeing all your plants! Last year was my first time growing anything from seed and I was surprised by how easy it was. I was so intimidated by it for some reason. If you’re ever interested in sharing your posts at a link party, I host one called Your Turn To Shine every Thursday-Monday. I’d love it if you’d stop by sometime. Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Wow your seeds are really coming along nicely well! I’m very jealous. I’ve got a few different varieties of tomatoes, though nowhere as big as yours! And then some different peppers, but I’ve never tried them before so unsure about how they’ll turn out! You have a lovely blogging style!

  3. It is always exciting when plants grow well…sometimes I feel like “Yes! I have a green thumb!” but other times it feels like I have the touch of death haha. Btw, those jars with the herbs are gorgeous!! I need to plant some herbs like that to grow on my window sill…

  4. We love to garden too! Spring is so great for watching the seeds come to life after dreary winter. Great growing year. Your tomatoes are Beautiful!Thanks for sharing this post at the #PureblogLove Link party! The party begins againThursday night at 8 p.m. We hope you plan to link up again. We’d love to see more of your fantastic ideas!

  5. I am so ready for spring and the garden! I am going to change things up a bit with what I plant, there are some things that we end up not eating. I wish I was as on top of it as you are, I have not planted seeds to grow my own plants, but next year I need to get started earlier. I have the perfect window ledge. You have inspired me to start sooner next year.

  6. Looking awesome! Thanks you so much for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop. I look forward to seeing what you share this week!

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