NWFGS 2015 Review

OMG I have died and gone to gardener heaven!! The Northwest Flower and Garden Show was above and beyond what I was expecting. Every corner was filled with inspiration! I felt so enlightened. Can I just move in and live there please? PLEASE?? Bonus, I went with my very dear friend and gardening aficionado, The Doc. We call her The Doc because that is what she is, an animal doc to be specific. Doc and I both have gardening moms who passed on the bug to us as children. Doc’s mom was actually where my dahlia obsession began when I was about 10 years old. She had the most beautiful collection.

Warning: Lots of pics in this post…. seriously, hold on to your hats!!

Show Gardens

When you first enter, you’re greeted with mood lighting and the most lovely flower fragrance you’ve ever smelled. The awe of these pristine gardens is palatable throughout the crowd. As you wander through you start to consider what it must have taken to put these immaculate landscapes together…. indoors… on the 3rd floor of the convention center in downtown Seattle. It takes your breath away!


The Root to True Romance by Elandan Gardens Ltd. was quite the eye catcher! With the giant snag moving skyward and the white upturned tree roots give a bold and robust sensation not often seen in a garden. Doc and I commented on how impressive this display was although it only had a few plant types. We both just tend to buy everything making our gardens very hodge-podge.


This “Shroom For Rent” was a tiny part of A Woodland Nymph’s Dream. The house was only about 1 foot tall!

Photo courtesy of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

One of my absolute favorites was the Romance of Steam Punk display by Whitbey Landcare and Design. I love steam punk, the combination of elaborate contraptions and gears makes an unlikely yet fantastic stage for a garden! Wow!


Close-up of he water fixture.

Photo courtesy of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

A Bio-cycle built for two by Evergreen Landscaping & Ponds, LLC. Cute, clever, so fun!

Photo courtesy of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Rekindled Rendezvous by McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery. Doc’s favorite, I believe. Classic Northwest. Clean, simple, elegant. It was hard not to walk up the step and sit down right in the display.


I would just love a yard full of these, wouldn’t you??


A Moment to Remember. I think it should be renamed to A Zen Moment to Remember.

Photo courtesy of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

This one was my favorite! Over the Moon by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers—Washington Chapter was just breathtaking. The giant moon and owls (which I adore) really set the mood both natural and magical. It’s one thing to dwell in a day garden, but a garden for the evening? How exquisite!


And there’s a telescope in the gazebo 🙂

 The Orchids

Oh orchids, you crazy alienesque hot mess of a flower. You look at the world as if to say “Whatever! I do what I want!” And we love you for it! So many species in one place. We must have spent a half an hour at least soaking in the variety!


Courtesy of The Northwest Orchid Society.



OMG they are teeny tiny!


I need a hug….


So do we….


Me Too!!



Mountain Man said this one looks like Pikachu, lol.

IMG_0636Sometimes you just gotta look like a sea urchin?


I’m calling this one Jersey Shore. See the hunched over shoulders… “You lookin at me!?!”

The Superstar Plant

The paper bush. I have never seen nor heard of a paper bush before yesterday. This is the coolest plant since the dahlia in my opinion. For starters, the flowers have a fantastic scent, reminiscent of the Hawaiian tropics.


Their dainty little poof ball flowers bunches look like popcorn balls. So cute!


AND the flowers come out in the winter to brighten up the dark dreary days.


So many of the displays had these here and there. This one is at the top of my must have list now 🙂

The Artisans

I really had to control myself with the shops. It was hard! So many things that screamed for me to take home!


I’ll take one of each, thank you!


I really wanted this for some reason but couldn’t bring myself to spend $50 on it…. maybe next year.


Driftwood garland? I can totally get this stuff at Sekiu and DIY! Project 😀


Totally DIYing this too!


Alien Air Plants!!!


Because, Wine!


No one can resist shoving their hands in a big bowl of sea glass! No one!! Not even The Doc!

IMG_0616   IMG_0617IMG_0618

Books going on my wishlist for next Christmas.


So Ratchet!!


Ahh!! But I seriously want it!


I had to sneak a shot of this guy and his pitchfork. Too perfect!


Love the colors!


Fish in the garden, by Fish in the Garden! See the sign? How succinct can you be?


I got this for our friends, the Stouts, who have a fabulous fire pit.


Hawks Gnome!


Fancy looking tools that I would never use.




Lots of Salmons!!


Oh I can’t wait for fishing season to start!!

The Market Place

This place seriously had the best selection of plants ON EARTH!! And…. drumroll please…. Ciscoe Morris!! We had to sit down and listend to Ciscoe! Oh la la!! I love him so much, such a happy guy. I didn’t know a whole lot about his personal life so it was neat to listen to his counterpart Mary.

IMG_0605 IMG_0604

She totally threw him under the bus with this picture from the 70’s lol. Their talk was titled “Separate Beds. How to Maintain a Beautiful Garden Along with Your Marriage.” Since neither Doc or I are married we weren’t sure if this talk was going to hold our interest. Oh but Mary and Ciscoe are funny, charismatic people and we hung on every word! Although the focus of the talk was on marriage, it was also a window into thier home and amazing garden. After about 5 minutes, Doc and I both had our phones out furiously typing the names of all the plants mentioned. It felt a little like being in college again. Looking over at the person siting next to you and sharing notes because the profs are going to fast. Man, they have so many plants! Want want want!! Their talk was way too short (45 minutes) I could have sat in there learning about all their plants for another 2 hours easy!


Doesn’t that smile just touch your soul! We should all strive to be like Ciscoe!


This is the most beautiful sight! Shopping! Retail therapy!!


Purple Potatoes!! I don’t have room to grow potatoes at the moment. But when I do, they will be purple!!

IMG_0651 IMG_0652

These are Doc’s treasures: orchid wall mounts. How cool, right!?! No pot needed, just soak the moss every once and a while! I really need to start delving into the weird wonderful world of orchids!

My Treasures

Oh I am so excited about the plants I got!! I am just about to head out and put these perennial starts in the ground!!

apricot sprite hysopApricot Sprite Hysop. Great for attracting bees and hummingbirds.

hot summer coneflowerHot Summer Coneflower. I love love love coneflowers!


Astrantia Major: Abby Road. Take a minute to consider this one. Isn’t it interesting? I’ve never seen anything quite like it.


Sea Holly. Epic blue, my favorite color!


I had to get more dahlias, of course.


Coolest buy for sure! Seed ballz. Little balls of clay that contains 1 seed packet worth of flowers. So you plant the ball and it EXPLODES out of the ground in a major way! I got the bee friendly ones. Check em out!


Last but not least, I got this ridiculous wooden buoy for our buoy collection. It made Mountain Man laugh, mission accomplished.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some planting to do! Cheers!

11 thoughts on “NWFGS 2015 Review

  1. I LOVE all the photos!!! I have never, in my life, been to an event like this but now I so want too. Like put it on a bucket list kind of want too. What an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing at the (mis)Adventures Monday Blog Hop.

  2. Love photos and I am ready to plant! Thank you very much for joining in the celebration of #purebloglove, we enjoy having you each week. I hope to see you on Thursday at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

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