Well I had to plant something!

Washington is having some weird weather! Yesterday it was 70 degrees….in January!! I don’t think I’ve ever  heard of temperatures getting that high during the middle of winter in the 36 years I’ve lived in this state! Seriously! Weird. The sun is out and I’m wearing my flip-flops around the house! Generally this warm weather tease doesn’t happen until March. Even then, it’s  only about 55 on a good day. It’s hilarious how quickly people will start rocking the shorts and sundresses just because the sun is out. My favorite is the guy who is jogging without a shirt on….

What a nerd!

IMG_5804Another eyebrow raiser was the peeking out of daffodils and crocus already. When I returned home today from a lovely weekend visit to Portland with Caliente, I squeaked with joy at sighting the first crocus flowers in bloom. As exciting as it was, I can’t help but worry that there is a nasty frost right around the corner. It always seems to happen. We get this tease of nice weather that give you a shred of hope and then darkness, rain, and cold until June…. sometimes July!

Do you get crazy when the sun comes back out? I do! I instantly want to start planting! I know well enough that even attempting to put anything outside in the ground right now is simply folly. These warm stints are fleeting and down right mischievous! So what’s a green thumbed girl to do? Experimenting with indoor seed planting seemed like an exceptional way to scratch my itch. So I swung by Freddy’s on the way home, got some seeds, little peat pots, and seeding soil. I’ve never attempted to grow onions or tomatoes from seed, sounds like a good place to start, don’t you think? I really had/have no idea what I’m doing and am not very confident they will even work. But you have to start somewhere. I always seem to learn so much from my gardening failures anyway so if it doesn’t work out, at least I’ll have accomplished a thing or two. Still…. what if it did work?? Wouldn’t that be awesome!?!?


IMG_5841Here’s a little about the set up: First, I labeled the cups so I know who’s who. Then I filled the cups with a blend of regular potting soil and seedling potting soil. I don’t really like the straight seedling potting soil because it has a ton of perlite in it that seems to stick to the point of the soil almost crusting together (not good for baby plants). Next I soaked the soil and then sprinkled the seeds over the moistened layer. Tomato and onion seeds are teeny tiny and very fragile. If you bury them to deep or over water them, they’ll rot. If you cover them with soil and then pour water the surface tension will cause the seeds to sink, move, or do other such obnoxious things you don’t want them to. So water the soil, then sprinkle seeds, then sprinkle a small layer of soil over the seeds.

For this little experiment, I’m simply putting them on a well-lit window sill. I know I should probably be using artificial light, but I don’t really feel like forking out the dough for the light or the inflation of our electric bill.


I also decided to make a little window sill herb garden. At first I wasn’t sure where I was going to find little planters that would look cute and fit on the sill. Then I remembered I have tons of mason jars! Duh! Mason jars for everything!!

After doing a little research on the good ole’ Pinterest party, I learned that putting a layer of rocks at the bottom of the jar would help with drainage. At first I wanted to use my pretty rocks and beach glass but I couldn’t make a layer big enough where the soil wouldn’t cover it. In the end, I went out back and shoveled in our crappy ugly red gravel. It actually doesn’t look half bad! I kinda like it.


Now, as always, we wait……

Anyone else starting to plant indoors from seed? What are you planting? 

9 thoughts on “Well I had to plant something!

  1. Cool tip with the rocks! I always end up overwatering. And I totally hear you on the getting crazy when the sun comes out. I just moved from Texas to Finland and i remember how crazy I was in, like, February when we’d have a random warm sunny day…..Now I’m asking my husband every other day….when does the snow melt?

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