2015 Gardening Plans and Confessions

Bless me mother earth for I have sinned, it’s been 2 months since I last touched my garden…. a little dramatic? Perhaps, but none the less, how I feel. My poor backyard and garden have been so neglected. Since school started back up in September, it’s been meeting after meeting. Most days, after work, my goals are simply to work out, cook something tasty for dinner, and read. I almost completely forgot I had a backyard life that needed attending. There was so much more to do before the frost set in. I  found myself dragging my feet to get any of it done. So the bare minimum was about as far as I got: lay out last years compost, winter the dahlias, pull all the annuals, mulch the perennials, remove most of the vegetables. Yeah, I got stuff done, but there was so much more I wanted to do!!

As with every year of gardening, I’ve learned a thing or two. These inadvertently become next years goals for a bigger better garden. Now that the holidays are done, I can help but turn my obsessive nature back to my tiny plot of land. So here’s the plan:

The Veggie Plot:


I am going to mulch the hell out of my veggie garden!! I am sick of all the weeds and am hoping this will curb the issue at least a little. I used bark on my garlic plot and it seems to be doing well so far.  I’m not sure what mulching material I will use for the rest, possibly bark or maybe hay. I’m looking for suggestions, feel free to leave some advice in the comments 🙂

You see these?

IMG_5373They are rhododendrons….. No, I did not plant them there, that would be silly! I believe the little old lady that owned the place a long time ago did. What’s worse, it looks like their used to be fruit trees where the rhodies are! I could have had apples! Ugh! I found the stumps in my digging around over the years. Every time I see them, I roll my eyes and think about what could have been…. So back to the rhodies: They’re big, in the way, and blocking light. I would have ripped them out entirely a long time ago but… we’re renters. Ugh I know, I hate admitting that. The owners are perfectly fine with us removing them but it doesn’t seem worth the effort if this is not our permanent residence. So, for now, they are getting hacked wayyyyyy back this spring to bring in more light.

PS. This might be my last growing season at this house (I hope). Mountain Man and I are planning to start looking for our own plot of land and home in the late winter of 2016.

I’m hoping to get a greater yield of raspberries and strawberries this summer. I’m only going on the fact that they are more established and therefore stronger and healthier. I know my raspberry doesn’t have the space to properly lead the vines but I might get creative and more motivated as time goes by.

IMG_5371     IMG_5370

I’m going to throw in the towel on sugar pumpkins and acorn squash for now. There is just not enough room or light for these guys to grow properly. So instead, the entire A-frame trellis will be cucumbers. After discovering how to refrigerate pickles last year and that I will eat them almost as fast as I can make them, why not? Without the acorn squash, this will leave more room for the zucchini to spread out as well.


Yeah yeah, I haven’t even pulled out the old vines yet. Ugh, I even annoy myself sometimes!

The rest is pretty much the same….

The Back Yard:

Welp, it’s officially a mud pit! There is hardly any grass left. That’s what happens when you get one of these things I suppose…


So when I have a week off for spring break, this is going to be my project. I’m going to temporarily fence off the area, till, and reseed in hopes of having a pretty green yard again for the summer. Again, any advice is welcome. I’ve never done this before so I can use all the help I can get!



The perennials did really well this summer! I hope a lot of them come back! The lavender is looking really good. About half of them came back last year so I’m expecting them again. The other half are new from last summer so we’ll see. I laid down a bunch of extra mulch so hopefully that helps.



??????????I think I can get a couple new breeds of dahlias this year, I’m just going to wing it. The hibernating ones are looking pretty happy for the moment, tucked away in the shed.

In the front of the house, I moved all my bearded iris’ into areas that get lots of light and rain so hopefully I’ll get more than one proper bloom.

I’m also going to move and expand Grandma Bev’s annuals by adding more pots underneath the front porch oning. I think they got a little too much heat and sun exposure last year. After the daffodils are done, I plan to flatten them all out and cover them with pretty pots full of pink and purple annuals.

So there you have it, goals set! I feel better now that I’ve written down my vision. I only wish I could start tomorrow!

Remember: advice and suggestions are welcome!

What are your gardening goals for 2015?

What are you most looking forward to this year in your garden?

3 thoughts on “2015 Gardening Plans and Confessions

  1. Malia, these are great ideas ante very attainable. My small standing garden boxes I had when I owned my home were always a learning experience…some stuff worked and others a disaster.

    The nice thing is when you buy land you will have all this knowledge and you can plan away for something special. I love the idea of cucumbers and pickling… I can eat a jar of homemade pickles like French fries! Hehe, pickeled veggies are a super healthy snack.

    So proud of your progress and excited to hear the house hunting goals!

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