Christmas Cookie Monsters!

Yes we are cookie monsters, especially at Christmas time! Every year, my sister and I get together and hammer out a ton of Christmas in one day. Why? Well, it’s tradition for one. Our mom was a teacher so all three of us had Christmas break together and we would make tons of cookies! You know, break out the spritz machine and all that kind of goodness. We loved it. Sugar!! Now that we’re grown up, we like to continue the tradition with our all day cookie-a-thon.

Getting the right amount of ingredients is key. After 6 years of doing this rodeo, we’ve got this down to an art. As teachers, planning is second nature to us. Seriously we plan every little detail when it comes to days like this.


Bookend Kitchenaids


This is one of the few times I use my home printer.


Mmmmmm chocolate


Ooey Gooey chocolate


We really love chocolate.

We made double batches of 6 great recipes.


Normally these cookies have a peanut butter cup in the middle but sis decided to use peppermint white chocolate instead this year…. epic!!!


Cranberry shortbread bars, ya gotta have a little fruit right?


Butter tart squares. These are my favorite! Shortbread and butter tart filling with pecans. It’s like caramelized caramel! Drool! I’ve already had 2 this morning!


Chocolate crinkles, Mountain Man’s favorite.


Fantasy Fudge. A must!


Chocolate covered peanut butter balls was the new addition this year. Most likely it will be a permanent addition. YUM!


Cookies! Glorious cookies!IMG_4973

Do you do a big Christmas cookie bonanza?

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

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