Ice in the Garden

I wandered out to my veggie garden plot today. I was astounded to find the entire plot crystalized!!


I recall being 8ish out at recess and finding these ice formations in the dirt. I thought they were so bizarre and interesting. Unfortunately, all my friends just thought I was bizarre for wanting to stare at the ice in the ground rather than play. There was a deep satisfaction in standing on these formation and crushing them. Like breaking glass on purpose and not getting in trouble for it.


Apparently they are called ice needles and form when there is ice close to the surface. The rest of the moisture collects causing these follicle like formations to grow out of the ground! I’ve never seen so much in one place though! My entire vegetable plot is like looking at the inside of a crystal cave! Or so I would imagine!


My imagination ran wild

This might be Superman’s Layer!


This looks like a city crushed by Godzilla!


Perhaps fallen ruins of the Roman Empire


Or perhaps I’m just as bizarre as these little ice crystals. I’m ok with that. It’s good to stop and enjoy the splendor of what lies just under your feet.

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