Thanksgiving Part 2

There is a method to our madness…sometimes. Mountain Man and I both have our own delusions of grandeur. His tend to be on 4 wheels or floating, while mine tend to be in the kitchen or garden. Today was my day to dream big. There comes a time in a food lovers life when you have to ask yourself: “Can I do it all in one day?” The answer is yes but you will never want to actually host this shit show. I can’t imagine doing it all and hosting! My sister just did this and I gotta say: “Hats off sis! this was tough.”

But we had a plan and we saw it through! Thanksgiving dinner for 2 looked more like Thanksgiving for 20! Why?? 2 reasons really: 1 we both love leftovers and if you go to someone else’s house you don’t get leftovers! Gah! I want to eat turkey until I hate it!! 2: Well, I bought a really big turkey which turned into a food blogging opportunity for next November. Why not just get a ton of recipes all done in one fell swoop?

So here’s how the day played out:

6:30 – The alarm goes off… for the next half hour. Mountain Man is a snoozer. At around 7 it dawns on me that I am now awake, which is fine since I face-planted at 8 last night. So I pull my butt out of bed, make coffee and breakfast while enjoying reruns of Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. Meanwhile, MM grabs the brine bucket from the garage the contains our 22lb turkey. He continuously grumbles about how it’s too big while I continuously remind him it was the smallest one Costco had…. Costco sized, even true for turkeys lol.

7:30 – Me,  “So Honey, what you up to today?”

MM, “Smoking a Turkey, you?”

Me, “Oh you know, making mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie, doing laundry, dishes, cleaning the house.”

Sound a little lopsided right? It’s all good, I’m sure he’ll find other ways to busy himself that will benefit us, he usually does. After making this statement, I started the dishes, curled back down on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee and spent the next 2 hours playing on the computer and watching more reruns. I got time for lounging, so I’m gonna!

A little about Thanksgiving and smoking a turkey: when you smoke a turkey, gravy and stuffing need to be done more or less without the bird. All drippings become smokey and taste terrible. Creativity and research is key! Oh but a smoke turkey is divine and so worth the extra work! IMG_4613

9:30 – alright alright I’m going I’m going!

Step 1: Roast turkey leg to get a tiny bit of drippings for gravy. MM and I aren’t big dark meat eaters so we don’t mind loosing a leg.


After it roasts, I poke holes in it to release all the juices.

Step 2: Make turkey stock


This will take a few hours of simmering….

Step 3: Make bread cubes – I will do a full post on this accidental idea, it’s brilliant!


Step 4: Get pumpkin pie cooking – I have a luscious little tip for this on too!


12:30 – break time! I DVR’d Frozen since I keep getting looks of horror form my students when I tell them I haven’t seen it. Now I see what all the fuss is about. I would recommend this show to everyone old and young. Hell, MM watched it with me on his own accord and was completely engrossed! (Shhhh, don’t tell him I told you 😉

2:00 – Back to work!

OK so the pie is done


Next is to make red potato death and gravy.

Red Potato Death is a no brainer. I make it every other year for 30 people. As alwasy it came out oh so garlicy and wonderful.


The gravy was a task, on which I will share in another post. Long story short, making gravy from scratch using only one leg, the neck, and giblets is a bitch. Seriously. Still, with a lot of patience, I finally made turkey gravy without resorting to using store bought stuff! Completely from scratch and it is pretty damn good if I do say so myself!


The last piece to complete was the stuffing. I was racing agaist time for these guys! No, not because the turkey was ready, I was loosing light for pictures! I’m starting to learn that non natural light is the kiss of death for food bloggers. So hustling and bustling I am rushing rushing rushing to get those last little bits of light!

Ah perfecto!!

IMG_4764    IMG_4793

And they both came out great!!

4:15 – Finally! Sitting down and finishing this post. Mountain Man is dilligently toggling between carving the turkey and finishing our outdoor Christmas light. I am so happy with all I’ve accomplished today. Nothing I made was a fail. My mouth is watering looking at that turkey and all the spoils! Yay me! Yay us! Yay Thanksgiving!



Do you do this if you don’t host Thanksgiving?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part 2

  1. Great work! Mountainan is a lucky dude! 🙂 I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t host Thanksgiving, because we always do. And boy do I love leftovers.

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