C is for….


Yep it’s getting cold! I know it’s not as cold here in Washington as it is in other regions but darn it,it’s cold! Last night I went over to our neighbor friends, the Stouts, for a potluck and bonfire. They have this massive fire pit


that begs for beer drinking and congregations of camouflage clad, bearded men…


and their significant others.


For dinner I made my Mexican Shredded Chicken for tacos and Mrs. Stout made chilli. We spent the next several hours chatting around the fire while turning like a bunch of rotisserie chickens trying to keep our body heat up.


Sadly this time of year I don’t have a lot going on in the garden. Just the garlic but it’s rockin!


I look forward to the day when I have a big enough space (and maybe a little more time) to explore winter crops or perhaps play with cold frames or in a greenhouse. Future musings….


Welp, if ya can’t garden, better find something to do with that time! Thankfully, many moons ago, Bestie taught me how to quilt. I love quilting in the winter! It’s such a beautiful craft…. I always start projects and rarely finish them. I love the thrill of buying fabrics, cutting them up and piecing them together. With work and being a busy social butterfly, if I’m lucky enough to get that far! I usually fizzle out of interest or burnout on the amount of work this craft is…. but when I’m in to it, I’m into it!

Last year a got a bee in my bonnet to get a tree skirt. When I couldn’t find one I loved I decided to take it upon myself to make one. After rooting around on Pinterest for a bit, I came across this post by Brown Paper Packages. It details out how to make a round patchwork tree skirt. I loved the patchwork feel but was leery of the curves. Like I said, I rarely finish my quilting projects and thus, consider myself the pinnacle of novice. So curves were a scary prospect to someone who can barely manage a straight stitch. So I thought to myself, why not make it a square tree skirt?

So that’s what I did. I started by picking the fabric for the blocks. I knew I wanted a country/traditional feel but I also wanted some sort of theme or motif throughout the piece.Here they are, all cut out and pretty. The white and red critters in the front are what I chose for the motif .

photo 3

Piecing them together. Bit by bit, block by block. Stella really liked to help. True to form, I pieced it all together and then the interest fizzled out. Christmas ended, New Years came and went, and every time I looked at it, I would get sad that the holidays were over.photo 4

So here we are, a year later and in a few weeks, we will head to the hills to find our tree. Suddenly there is an urgency to finish! Lucky for me school was closed on Veterans Day. The following day had so much wind the power was out at school so I got an additional day off! Both afternoons were dedicated to getting this sucker done!


A few minor stitches today and Viola!


I am really happy with how the different patterns complement each other.


I ended up using binding tape for the inside border, it was tricky but now I understand why binding tape is a good way to go when negotiating curved boarders!


For the outside boarder I used the backing. I really love the contrast between the boarder and the piece. It makes it pop!


Sure, it aint perfect, but it’s mine and I’m happy with it 🙂

Next up: Fresh wreaths! I can’t wait to go visit Sista next weekend and get our holiday on. I made my first wreath last year and absolutely loved it. The work was fun and the result looked great! Tutorial coming soon 🙂

I can’t wait to put these sparklies to work!!



Of course it’s cooking time. The cold weather is the ultimate catalyst for warm yummy comfort food. For lunch it’s Dressed Up Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Tonight I’m making this courtesy of With a Blast. Recipe here.

Sage Apple Stuffed Pork Tenderloin in Bacon ~ Only 7 Ingredients in this Main dish ! Juicy, tender and bursting with flavor ~ and the BEST part = all wrapped in Bacon ! #Thanksgiving #PorkTenderloin #AppleStuffing

Drool much? I know right?!?! I’m super excited. I think Red Potato Death will compliment nicely don’t you?

Some of my personal favorites for this time of year include:

Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac


Sour Cream Chicken


and Italian Stew just to name a few.


What are you doing to keep warm these days?

What are your favorite winter hobbies?

4 thoughts on “C is for….

  1. Wow..you sure are creative & crafty! I love the various patterns you used 🙂
    Thanks so much for linking up with us last week! Hope you come join us again for this week’s Inspired By Me Mondays 🙂

  2. Love your tree skirt, so creative! You have been a busy bee with your C’s!
    I’ve been mostly working, not a lot of cooking or crafting here, sad to say. Been keeping warm by layering my clothes & drinking lots of coffee 🙂

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