Why I Love Small Towns No.5: Fences

It’s been an odd day. I worked yesterday but not today and I will work tomorrow…. Veterans Day in a teacher’s world. It’s kind of silly, but I’ll take a random day off, sure. Second, the wind has been continuously howling all day all over the Pacific Northwest. My poor parents have been without power since this morning! You can’t help but be acutely aware that this wind is the harbinger of the cold snap the news had been talking about all over the country. Third, I seem to be having a case of writers block. I suppose it happens to every blogger but I’m fairly disappointed and annoyed by it. You see, I had this plan to write heart felt Veterans Day piece but every time I got started, it would just not flow, it felt forced. So I deleted it 😦 maybe next year.

Since the wind was howling and sky was clear, I figured I should at least go play with my camera before the 8 months of perpetual grey skies blanket my world. I had planned to write about how much I love this time of year and the fall colors. I drove all around the back roads, parking in random areas, wandering around with my camera like a tourist/stalker and had quite a bit of fun doing it. When I got home to look at my pictures I realized something… fences!! Nearly all of my favorite pictures had fences in them. It’s a common enough thing out in the countryside since, well, farms and such. Still I could not help but be amused by my subconscious need to photograph fences! I think in a way it encases my hopes and dreams for Mountain Man and I: to own a house with a little property out here… and perhaps a fence lol.IMG_4048

Obviously they were behind a fence but they were to far away to include the fence. IMG_4044



Look at all those sad left over pumpkins in the pumpkin patch 😦IMG_4061


This is my favorite fence. I covers several miles and is a total hodge-podge of different eras and fence repair. IMG_4069



The leaves are near gone but look at all those apples!!IMG_3965


Happy Vets day! Go Hawks!IMG_3971

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