Go Garlic Grow!

It’s funny to me that while I’m tearing down all plant matter, it’s the exact time to begin one particular crop: garlic. So strange that these hearty little cloves not only grow during the cold, they thrive in it. I knew the rain was about to return so I raced home yesterday to beat the weather and get these babies in the ground!


Inchelium Red

I chose to be very methodical in my planting with a clear goal in mind: more garlic! Especially now that I have fancy heirloom varieties from my friends at Simple Goodness Farm!

First I tilled the soil and added compost (from my composter, yay!) and bone meal to the bed. Then I laid out a row of each breed with their labels. The row on the right that is not labeled is elephant garlic. I also have Kilarney Red, Inchelium Red, and Lorz Italian.


As I planted, I used a rock to mark each clove.


Then I mulched over the whole area. I’ve never done this before but I am sick of the weeds and after doing some research this seem to be the best prevention. I hope it yields results.


After mulching I removed the rocks leaving pockets for the sprouts to come through easily. Again, I’m just trying what makes sense to me, I don’t know if it will actually work. The rocks also make for a pretty boarder for the moment 🙂


And now, we wait.

What garlic varieties do you like?

2 thoughts on “Go Garlic Grow!

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