Posh Puerto Vallarta

For my last installment of my fabulous trip I would like to share a slice of the high life. If you’ve never done and all inclusive trip before, I highly recommend it! Once you get there you don’t have to worry about a thing! It’s so fun! I felt like I was on lifestyles of the rich and famous everyday!

We stayed at the Now Amber resort for 6 days. That and the flight was about $2000. That is cheaper than any trip I’ve ever taken to Hawaii (I’ve taken a few) and the amenities were so luxurious! I’m not trying to discredit HI by any means, but I was truly impressed with how much bang I got for my buck!

The minute we stepped out of the cab we were greeted with glasses of champagne, cold wet towels and bell boys eager to take our bags up to our rooms (no charge, no tip necessary). Upon arrival to my 12th floor room, my breath was instantly taken away by the view.


Then I turned around to take stock of my new home.

My fancy super soft king bed


Basin sinks and a real plant!


A jetted tub!


I also had a mini fridge continuously stocked with mini Coronas, soda, juice, and tons of bottled water.

I was surprised to find that there were suites with jet tubs on their balconies although I never saw anyone bold enough to take advantage.


The rooms on the bottom floor had private pools right outside their room!


As I perused the hotel book of everything, I was delighted to see they had a 24/7 room service and yes, it was included in the all inclusive deal.

The first morning I woke, I made a point of ordering eggs benedict (my favorite) for breakfast. I also ordered OJ which I was delighted to find out was freshly squeezed! Wow! I enjoyed my breakfast in my big cushy bed. I enjoyed this so much it became my ritual for the vacation. It drove the others nuts when I would consistently refuse to go out for breakfast because I had already ordered it in.


After breakfast it was time to explore. The ambiance of the hotel was clean, open, and very Zen. There was a very calm and relaxing effect to the flow of the hotel. Even with the bustle of people, it was easy to find quiet calm areas.

IMG_3113 IMG_3161IMG_3114

Speaking of relaxing, they also have a full spa. This was one of the only things I paid for.


The gal was so gentle with my feet, I never once cringed or winced during my pedi.

The hotel had activities every hour for those who like to stay busy. Yoga at 9, tennis at 10, kayaking at 11, water aerobics at 12….. so silly.


Around 2 in the afternoon an activity coordinator would wander around the pools looking to recruit people for rifle shooting. I don’t know where this occurred since I never heard it but it was always a little alarming at first to see a man wandering the pools with a gun over his head.

The hotel boasted 4 restaurants (sushi, Italian, surf and turf, and Mexican), a cafe, and a night club. All food and drink included. It was fun having a menu with no prices. I suddenly felt a freedom I’ve never experienced before. If I tried it and I didn’t like it, it wasn’t a loss. I felt empowered to be adventurous and try new things, like lamb scallops and roasted duck. Some I liked, others I didn’t, but I felt richer for the experience.


This gentleman made guacamole from scratch for our table to go with our delightfully thick freshly baked tortilla chips.


Cucumber and green pepper margaritas… I have died and gone to heaven


As I mentioned before, I spent most of my time poolside. I really wanted to get out and partake in the activities, but I found it was far too hot to do anything except enjoy beverages and stay near the watering hole. But who can blame me with scenery so inviting as this.

IMG_3118 IMG_3123 IMG_3135

I believe I may have be ruined on all future vacations, forever comparing it to my time in Puerto Vallarta.

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