Chasing the Dream

The dream being that perfect picture of Mount Rainier. When living near such a wonderful testimony to the beauty of mother nature, it’s hard not to get swept up and want to click away almost daily. My Friday evening began in one of my favorite ways, having a couple of beers with my distinguished and somewhat disheveled middle school teacher buddies. After filling up on brews and laughter, I headed home. Making my way through the usual cow pastures and winding roads, I turned the corner and saw this:


I immediately pulled over, grabbed my phone and started shooting. Kicking myself the whole time for not having my nice camera with me. As I lamented over my dilemma, a gentleman pulled up and parked right behind me. He burst out of his car, camera in hand, with the same mindset as I. After a few polite words, I hopped back into my car to head home. A little way down the road, I saw a couple taking their picture with the mountain in the background when it dawned on me, this is a special night for mountain pictures. I called my Mountain Man and implored him to chase me up the foothill roads before it got dark. I could hear the eye roll through the phone but, of course, he complied.


We raced up the Carbonado roads through the clear cut and replanted forests with a frenzy that I’m fairly sure was amplified by the beer sloshing around in my belly. I was grinning ear to ear as we rounded onto the gravel roads that signified we were getting close.


When we arrived at our first stop, I jump out of the truck, climbed into the tailgate and began to play with the various settings, trying to find that perfect exposure.


This was the best one, I really need to remember a tripod lol. I really love the clouds and how bright the moon is though. It was truly a sight. I was so focused on the mountain, I forgot to turn and look at the sun setting, fortunately MM was there to reel me in.


Sadly, it had gotten too dark at this point to travel up to better vantages, so we headed back. But I still managed to get some pretty nifty pics.


Oddly, I was on a mission for that great nature shot, but this one turned out to me my favorite of the bunch!


Great Friday Night!

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