Zucchini Explosion! (Part 2)

This week began with fish, of course. If you didn’t read about the fabulous adventures of our weekend, here ya go: Fish On. So yeah, fish for dinner. I still had more zucchini than I knew what to do with so I tried zucchini fritters. Essentially fritters and pancakes are the same thing in the Pinterest world, I came to find. Basically, you make a batter with zucchini shreds and parmesan. I had had a couple of beers prior to cooking, which always makes me feel more ambitious and creative, so I decided to add a couple of strips of bacon to the batter. Why? Well….because….BACON!IMG_2246

I also wasn’t worrying about calories, obviously, I’d been drinking beer, so I cooked the fritters in the bacon grease.

IMG_2256I think I found my new favorite zucchini thing! These were so good! They could be eaten plain or with something creamy like tzatziki or ranch.  I can’t wait to have them again! Wow what a treat!



Here’s a link to the recipe I used from BS’ in the Kitchen: Zucchini Fritters

Tuesday I made everyone’s go to favorite: Zucchini Bread. There are lots of recipes out there but the standard always seems to go back to “Mom’s Recipe” on Allrecipes. It really is an excellent foundation recipe. I think, with time, and tweaks, I’d like to make my own version of zucchini bread. Perhaps by next year, I’ll have something to contribute to the plethora of recipes for this tasty treat.


Somehow, Tuesday and Wednesday got away from me and now here we are at Friday with a ton of shredded zuchinni still in the fridge! First I tried this recipe for Low Fat Zucchini Brownies. It’s made with banana, apple sauce and, of course, zucchini. They look really good but I thought they tasted a lot like banana and not very chocolaty. Still, I don’t feel as weighed down as I would if it were a real brownie. I wonder if I could make these without the banana… hmmmm.


Tonight the Hawks are playing! Yeah! Seahawks! For dinner I made french dip sandwiches with zucchini tots instead of french fries. They are a 1/2 and 1/2 blend of shredded zucchini and potato with seasonings and a little cheese. You cook them in a mini muffin pan. They are just the cutest!


Like so many things, MM and I agree, bacon should be included in this recipe. We’ll try that next time. This concludes my two week experimenting with zucchini. It was a lot of fun! I didn’t realize how versatile this veggie really could be! It’s nice to have some new options for the bounty squash that graces our home this time of year.

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