Zucchini Explosion! (And what to do with it)…. Part 1

It happens to all gardeners who choose to grow zucchini. One day you wake up and this happens:IMG_1962

This certainly wasn’t how they looked yesterday! They were barely the size of your finger! Now what? There is almost  a sense of urgency as you realize this is only the beginning and it will keep happening over and over until Fall rolls in. How do you keep up?? All that wonderful zucchini must be used!!

Or at least that’s how I feel. So I tried to figure out how to use as much of this as I could in a week. Like I said, there’s another set that should be ready next week. Here’s what I tried:

Obviously the big one had to be used for zucchini bread. Once they get that size, their flavor really starts to fade. Step one was to shred the whole darn thing. I cut it into thirds to make it more manageable.

IMG_2022 IMG_2023






Holy cow it was 6 cups!! I only needed 2 so I bagged and froze the rest for another time. Yes it’s a thing, Pinterest told me so lol.


I wanted to try something a little different than the usual loaf so I tried making zucchini blueberry muffins. It’s amazing how a little change like that can make a huge difference! Essentially its the zucchini bread recipe with blueberries but WOW! Very yummy! Here’s the recipe I used: Blueberry Zucchini Bread


Next! On to something savory! Zucchini Pizza Bites! It’s a pretty simple concept: add pizza sauce and topping to little zucchini rounds and throw them in the oven. Excellent for lunch or as an appetizer! There are lots of recipes online so I had to do a little spin on mine: Add breadcrumbs to the bottom to give it a little crunch! Here’s the link to my recipe: Zuchinni Pizza Bites.


The next morning I decided I needed a little zucchini in my breakfast. A frittata seemed resonable. So what to put with it…. cherry tomatoes, a little bacon, feta cheese and BAM!!


This was the most exquisite breakfast I’ve made at home in a while! I forgot how much I love frittatas.  I have decided to do a post on frittatas in the near future. Well, I thought I was going to have more time to make more zuchinni things, but its already Friday! Oh well, I still have a few left and the next batch is almost ready to be picked. I guess I’ll just have to write another post with more wonderful ways to use your summer zucchini! Cheers!




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