Mountain Man’s Idea of a Sunday Drive


“Honey! Strap on your sports bra, we’re going for a ride!” No seriously, this happens, especially now that MM has his ’91 lifted green Toyota back in his possession. The purpose of this truck is to beat it up. I know, it sounds a little strange and excessive, but it’s quite fun. Believe it or not there is a whole bunch of people who love doing this. You may know them and the people with Jeeps. But Toyotas like to go out there and play too. Most Toyota owners will insist that their rigs are far superior to Jeeps when it comes to 4 wheeling out in the woods. MM had repeatedly told me this in his very opinionated way (when it comes to vehicles, he’s got lots of opinions that he likes to prattle off as fact). But I don’t really care about the car pissing contest. What I do care about is having fun. And this, my friends, is FUN! I often find myself hanging on to the “oh shit” handle while screaming “We’re going to die!” and laughing my ass off at the same time. It is a strange feeling to be that scared and yet love every second of it anyway.

Nearby and up in the hills is Evan’s Creek ORV park and campground. A fantastic place to go have a near death experience! This is how we spent our Sunday:


My view… it’s a long way down!


These pics really don’t do the steepness or narrowness of these trails justice!IMG_1835

Scouting out the next leg of the trail.


Stunning views of course! I love my pretty pictures!IMG_1850

Alpine tiger lilly. I’ve never seen one of these before! They were everywhere. So pretty!IMG_1884

Stella got to ride in the back on the safer trails. I was so worried she’d freak out not being in the cab with us. Boy was I wrong! She had a ball!


Lorquin’s Admiral


I ❤ our Sunday Drives!

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