A Watched Garden Never Flowers

Ugh! Friggin grow already!! It’s practically August and there is still way too much green happening in my gardens! I am ready for another color!!

As you can see, the dahlia tubers from last year are doing great….

IMG_1634But the new ones I bought this year are just starting to bud. I am really ready for these to start opening up. I check everyday!IMG_1636Corn is doing well. This is where I expected it to be now so I guess that’s ok….IMG_1638As for my big tomato plants, well, there’s tons of them and they’re all still green!! They’ve been green FOREVER!! They just slowly get a teeny bit bigger everyday. I want them to be red so I can eat them!!!!IMG_1640 IMG_1650The cucumbers are also taking their sweet-ass time. IMG_1653What a pathetic teeny cucumber!IMG_1655One thing that’s green that I’m ok with. I want to try cooking zucchini fritters soon. IMG_1658Now that I’ve had my bitch session I’m hoping to wake up in the near future to more veggies and flowers than I know what to do with. It’s worked in the past so I thought I’d take you along for the ride.


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