Updates from 4th of July weekend

Hello from the other side of wackiness! That’s the only word for it. It was a wacky weekend!!

To start, I know I was going to write a blog about my breakfast sandwich on the go, but I ended up spending the whole day packing and prepping for our trip. I’m sure the post will be up in the near future.

Our journey got off with a bang… Literally. One of the boat trailer tires exploded on the highway.

4th 4

Fortunately nothing other than the wheel was damaged. This was at about 8:30 pm. One hour in to our 4 hour drive. And since we recently got our camper canopy, MM had removed the jack and other tire repairing tools from the truck. Did I mention we’re out on the open highway with the nearest real town at least 10 miles away?? After weighing our options. I volunteered to stay with the boat while MM raced to the nearest town to get a jack. It was fine until it started getting dark, but I hung in there singing songs to myself and playing candy crush. After 30 minutes (which felt like an eternity) he came back. Apparently he had a friend who lived out in the middle of nowhere just off the nearest exit to us who had everything we needed!


At 10:30, we we’re on the road again. After doing the math in my head, I suggested maybe we stop and crash half way and then drive the other half early in the morning. MM grabbed a few red bulls at the corner store and decided to drive us the whole way! I was nervous since it was so late and he had to work that day, but I’ve seen him do more strenuous activities on even less sleep so I went along with it. By going along with it, I mean pulling my bandanna over my eyes to promote sleep and demote a panic attack. At 2 AM we arrived. By 3 AM I was happily passed out in our little bed.

7AM (which is late for salmon fishing) came way too soon. But our friends who came in the night before we’re wide awake. I was also really excited to spend the whole weekend with my Sista-girl and her hubby. She’s one of my bestest friends and we hardly ever get more than a few hours of us time since we live far away from each other and our schedules are usually crazy busy (we planned this trip 2 months ago). Soooo we’re up and it’s breakfast and fishing!!

The start was slow going so we went back to the spot we hit on Memorial Weekend in search of more Sea bass



Essentially, this is what happened all over again. We limited out with 12 fish in less than 2 hours. I have a great pic of Sista with the biggest Sea bass in the world but…. (we’ll get to that part in a sec)

That evening was all about beers, quality time with good friends and fireworks.

4th 2


4th 3


The next morning naturally started late. And with it came the rain. But we have a cover for the boat, hearty rain gear, and a waterproof stereo so that doesn’t tend to slow us down. We fished our little hearts out! In the afternoon we caught a couple halibut and some really nice sized ling cod….. unfortunately neither were in season so we had to throw them back. Ugh!

The clouds began to clear in the afternoon and some really glorious scenery started to unveil itself. It was picture time. So I take my camera out, click it on and blank screen…. pull out the batteries, replace them, click it on and blank screen…. Now earlier I took 2 pictures in the rain so my cam got a couple drops on it… no biggie, just wipe it off and stow it carefully. Flashback to April: the latch on the battery door broke off on it’s own accord inside the camera case. When I sent it in to Nikon to get it replaced, they said the battery door wasn’t under warranty and wanted to charge me $120 to get it replaced! The damn camera is only worth 200!! So of course I said no and had them send it back. This took another month since they neglected to tell me they don’t ship to PO boxes and it had to run around the UPS cycle twice just to get back to me. Needless to say, I was already pissed at my silly little camera so when 2 drops of water sent it into shock I was done…. After 2 minutes of careful beer sipping consideration I decided the only satisfaction I was going to get out of this hunk of junk was to chuck it in the water. Of course I took out the memory card first, but what a liberating feeling. So we’re back to phone pics for the moment…. but the remedy is shipping to me as we speak and I am very happy about this one… and I got a 3 year everything warranty for it too!

By late afternoon I was hungry and done. They boys dropped us girls off and headed back out for the night bite. Wouldn’t you know it? The fish started biting! They brought 2 nice sized silvers in that night.

By Sunday Sista’s hubby was announcing they’re getting a boat and coming fishing with us more often. I truly hope they do!

What a wacky weekend!!! Awesome, but wacky!


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