Healthy camping foods on the go!

There are two main types of campers out there: those who go to relax and those who go to do things. I myself enjoy both types. However since I met my Mountain Man, I have to admit the latter has become more appealing.  For us this means fishing. For you, it might be a hike, water skiing, river rafting, or exploring one of our great national parks. I find one of the biggest aspects that holds us back is food. It could just be because I love food and have the tendency to eat whatever is in front of me when I’m camping. Ever notice how everything tastes better when your outdoors? Ever had that moment when your PB and J suddenly becomes a 4 star lunch? Yeah, well if you’ve got plans to actually get your ass up off that foldy chair and stop staring at the campfire, some things need to change.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent many a camping trip enjoying the 2 hours it takes to make breakfast and coffee, sit for about 30 minutes, crack a beer and play games all day… maybe take a leisure walk to the beach to watch a sunset. I’ve often instigated these types of trips and will again in the future.


But the 4th of July is opening salmon season at Sekiu!! So it’s go go go!!


Salmon are early birds… er fish. They bit between 0-dark-thirty and about 10 am at the latest. Often they’re done by 8. The saying is: if you’re not tying your bait with a flashlight, you’re too late. Getting decent
nutrition that early in the morning tends to go out the window. Typically what has happened in the past is we grab a cup of coffee and the nearest 5 year old packaged pastries from the bait shop and run to the boat

It doesn’t take more than an hour before the sugar high has subsided and I’m hungry again. Then it’s on to more bad choices…

This is dumb, I thought. There has got to be a better way!! So I did what every girl does these days, I went to Pinterest for ideas. My first priority was breakfast. MM has been making these super easy Egg McMuffins in the microwave at home. They are really tasty and can be modified however you want. The only problem was the yolk was still yolky and that didn’t sound like something that would be good to pack…


But if you broke the yolk before cooking… Anywho I will post and link the recipe here tomorrow when I make them. If you have a fire, put them in foil and warm them up. If you have a microwave 30 seconds should do the trick.

The coffee was an issue too. It’s generic Folgers and hot as hell! You have to wait forever for it to cool! Ugh! Starbucks has always sold their bottled Frappuccinos which have too much milk for me but now they sell their iced coffees too!! So I’ve been stocking up on those as my grab and go coffee.


Snacks usually consist of chips, crackers, cheese, and deli meat. None of this stuff is necessarily filling or nutritious. Also I love cheese and crackers and tend to over do it lol.

So let me ask you this…. When was the last time you had “Ant’s on a log”? I think I was 10. If you don’t know what it is, imagine celery with peanut butter in the groove and raisins on top. I reintroduced myself to these recently and OMG! So tasty, filling, and hydrating. It can get a little messy trying to make them on the boat in 10 foot swells so I just toss the raisins in the peanut butter and scoop with the celery.



Nuts!! I’m just nuts about nuts! Pistachios are always a go to however recently I’ve found these canisters of almonds that have portion measurements on the side! Brilliant!!

How about a hard-boiled egg? I’ve always found these satisfying and a great sourced of energy. Make ahead and enjoy on the trip when you’re peckish.

One that I’m really excited about is harvesting our snap peas to share with friends and family for a crisp treat.


For other great ideas, check out these websites:


What kind of healthy snacks do you like on the go?

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