The Log Show Cometh

Every summer, little towns all over the states open their doors to the public and in a loud and proud voice say “Hey! We’re here and we’re awesome!”

From such worldwide phenomena as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota to the Texas Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, small towns love their festivals. Here in Buckley it’s known as the Log Show. The festival is the town’s way of celebrating its heritage and having a little fun in the process.


Buckley Heritage:

Founded in 1889, Buckley began as a logging town.


The foothills of Mt. Rainier have always provided massive amounts of lumber both locally and nationwide. Being at the base of the mountain it would only make sense that there would be saw mills galore. Nearby in the town of Wilkeson, coal had been discovered and a railroad was immediately constructed to connect to Tacoma in 1877. Eventually that track became a spur and the main line was built down the middle of Buckley proper. In its hay-day there were 9 different saw and shake mills lining the railroad. In 1944 the railroad was shut down along with the closure of Buckley Logging Company mill. I would assume this was because trucks had proved a more effective way to move lumber but I’m not totally sure. We have a history museum and I plan to visit this summer…. I will make a full report then!



So… log show! Lumberjacks! Big saws! Lots of wood! And it’s this weekend!!

It seems like the whole town, including me, spends weeks, if not the months preparing for this weekend. Our local watering hole has a countdown timer that counts down for most of the year.


Fresh sawdust has been spread in the competition arena, and it’s all anyone talks about!


The competition is fierce and taken very seriously. Here are some pics from the Buckley Log Show Official Website. For more information about the weekend’s festivities click on the link above.

Hot saw: built from car and motorcycle engines

Horizontal block chopping

Billy Clinkingbeard & Wes Bruhn

Tree topping

And ax throw, of course

Needless to say, here in town:

log show

Now that we’re down to the final week, the carnies have arrived.

Turning our peaceful chunk of the foothills trail


Into a fair complete with rides and prizes

?????????? ??????????

At home we’re primping and prepping for our Log Show BBQ!

We laid fresh bark.


Smoked salmon

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

Hopefully tonight we’ll find the time to make a little of this:

Got a gargantuan chunk o cedar


Wait what?? So this beaut is about 25 years old and has been in MM’s parents possession all that time. They gave it to us last week. It definitely works for log show décor but it will eventually be turned into our new kitchen table. I’m so excited!

My mint plant has exploded so there will be lots of mojitos flowing.


MM tracked down some firewood for the late night bonfire


We are just so excited to celebrate our wonderful little logging town this weekend with friends and family!



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