Party at the local watering hole!

Last night some of our oldest buddies came out to visit. The plan was to have a little fish fry and bonfire in the back…. Well that all got scrapped after the drinks started flowing. Only one thing to do at that point, eat at the bar! Little did we know that there was going to be live music that night. Live music in a bar can be very hit or miss. Often the music is so loud you can’t carry on a conversation or the band just plain sucks which is often the case. This is the second live performance I’ve seen at our local bar and I loved them both. K, but this one was amazing!!

Sorry for the crappy quality of pictures. Iphones and dark bars don’t mix!


Robbie Walden jumps on the bar, grabs his guitar and a beer, and shouts “Sociable” at the top of his lungs. To which everyone cries “Sociable” in return and takes a drink. Then he starts to sing and man can this guy sing! His original songs were great and the covers he chose to sing were classic country favorites that everyone in the bar knew like they were anthems. Speaking of anthems, he sang the national anthem flawlessly….. while wearing an american flag tank top. Not only was the music great, but this guy was hilarious and very personable. He would continuously interact with the audience and make them part of the show. When he was taking a break, he was wandering through the crowd introducing himself to everyone which doesn’t seem much like a break at all.I was impressed. I am a fan and can’t wait for him to come back to town so I can drag more people out for the show!

photo 3

Here he is with the owner of the bar. Yes, she hangs out with all of us regularly. Yes, she is a badass!

So yeah, we stayed at the bar for the whole show and then  some! And by then some I mean this:

photo 6

That’s our neighbor Johnny blowing a boozy fireball from behind the bar.

We had a ball. One big happy family!

photo 5 photo 1      photo 4

photo 2


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