DIY Hanging Flower Baskets

Spring is here! What better way to celebrate the return of the sun than to plant some gorgeous hanging flower baskets!IMG_7098

Now yes, you can go and get the pre-made baskets that are already exploding with flowers, I appreciate the feeling of instant gratification. But if you feel like you need a fun, easy, rewarding, DIY project, try this out! Not to mention your baskets will be totally unique and different from you neighbors!

Where to go – If you’re local, I would highly recommend McClendon’s hardward and gardening. They always have a great variety and seasonal sales. My family has been going there since I was a little kid. They are the best. In the past I’ve been accused of having a boyfriend that worked there for how often I would visit in the spring and summer.

My second option is Fred Meyer, they have a great selection and decent prices too.

I’ve always been disappointed with Home Depot’s and Lowe’s variety, they don’t really have much the selection for us avid gardeners.

Do yourself a favor and don’t go to the hoity toity, fancy-pants nursery in your area. They will have the same variety as McClendon’s but cost twice as much! You’re essentially paying for the ambiance of the nursery.

Here’s what you need for a 14 inch basket:

  • Coconut hanging basket – they come in all different shapes and sizes. Pick what you like
  • 1 bag of potting soil
  • 1 bag of compost
  • 6 trailing plants
  • 3 upright plants

It’s that easy! It’s really fun to mix and match the colors however you like! Here’s my list of trailing and upright plants I love to use!

Apologies in advance for all the collages. I recently discovered Picasa and have been having way too much fun with it.

Trailing plants


A classic. Often you will find baskets that are only fuchsia and they are beautiful! I love including them in a mix and match basket just as much. I usually put 3 or 4 seedlings in a basket. They come in tons of colors. Just make sure you get the ones that say trailing!!



Teeny weeny delicate little flowers that bush out over any edge all over the place! Typically they come in blues, purples, and whites. Occasionally you can find a pink or red. They are just so cute!



Long viny stems with puffs of mini flowers at the end. These come in every color and have many interesting hybrid colors that seem to out do each other every year. They just get cooler and cooler!


Calibrachoa (million bells)

These make me so happy! They really do look like tiny little bells and explode all over the place! I love these so much, I have on giant basket dedicated to just them!

million bells

Sweet Potato Vine

A great trailing foliage. Adds beautiful accents to any basket. Generally comes in a dusky purple or pale green as shown in the picture.


Upright Plants


These always remind me of my mom. She always has these everywhere. Typically they come in pinks, reds, and whites. I really wish there were more options but ya can’t have it all.



Gorgeous rose like blooms with large deep green foliage.


Dusty Miller

It’s an oldy but a goody. It may seem like a grandma plant but you’d be surprised how nice of an accent this will give to bright flowers.


I think daisies should be everywhere by law! Their like little sunshines. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t like daisies? Enough said!


African Daisy

I’m a sucker for these in particular. The blue center is so gorgeous. They sell these everywhere, seriously, go look! They’re cheap and bloom like crazy!

Gerber Daisies

The sexy beast of daisies! If they could wear leisure suits and disco dance, they would, I know it! Although they only bloom one or two at a time, they always turn admiring heads.



What a frikin cool plant. The leaves are more like flowers. They come in all sorts of colors and combinations. You could probably make a basket just out of these and it would look amazing!



 How to plant:

Well if you’re making one, it’s not a big deal. However, if you’re making 5 or more, organization is key. See Stella cheering me on in the background? Begin by mixing your potting soil and compost in a 50/50 split. This will give the flowers tons of drainage and fertilization.

DIY Hanging Flower Baskets. Small Town Girl Blog.

For my million bells basket, I put in about 6 plants evenly spaced and filled it up with my compost/potting soil blend.

DIY Hanging Flower Baskets. Small Town Girl Blog.

When placing plants for mix and match baskets, start with your uprights and place them side by side in the center. Then evenly space your trailing plants around the edge. Fill up with compost/potting soil mix and water well. That’s it! This is my mom’s.

DIY Hanging Flower Baskets. Small Town Girl Blog.

       This is one of mine

DIY Hanging Flower Baskets. Small Town Girl Blog.

Here they are a mid summer. Getting bushy, dangly, and happy!



What kind of flowers do you like to use in your baskets?

If you try this tutorial. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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