The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Damn you Tom Petty! I really love most of your music, but that one is so poppy and always gets stuck in my head!! Drives me bananas!! Why do I bring this up? Dahlias, duh!

Your inner monologue right now: Oh gawd here she goes again, talking about dahlias. Really? How much can one person have to say about dahlias?!?!?)

I’m so glad your inner monologue asked! I have to say a lot!

So a few weeks ago, it was a rainy weekend and I was on edge to get my dahlias from the Dahlia Barn mailed to me. Rather than wait any longer (and I had nothing better to do that day) I decided to drive out to North Bend and pick them up. The barn is right at the base of Mt Si. Right off the road to the main trail. For those of you that aren’t from the area, Mt Si is Washington’s version of Australia’s Uluru.

A giant monolith among the Cascade foot hills. Millions of people love hike this puppy… good for them… I think they’re nuts!

So back to the barn.


Isn’t it cute? Here’s the lovely couple who does it all Aimee and Jerry Sherril with Sisco! Oh la la!!

On the inside, it’s just a simple row filled with little treasures ready to take home.


I was so excited to go home and plant that day, rain or shine! Until I saw what I was getting..


Just one lonely tuber. In the past when I’ve bought from the big corporate world stores I get 5 or 6 of these clumped together. To say the least I was concerned. If this little guy rots, theirs nothing to fall back on and I’m out $5-7 for each of these… Jerry and Aimee guarantee their product and will replace if they fail but it’ll be too late to replant at that point. So I’ll get another tuber next year but that also leaves an empty spot in my stretch of flowers. I’m trying really hard to have faith in this all working out, I think it will. They also explained the science behind the plant and how to make sure these little guys take root:

First, just like a potato, dahlia tubers have eyes. All you need is one tuber with one eye to get it growing. Here are a couple that were already sprouting in the bag:


From what I gathered any time after Mother’s day is good for these gems to go to ground. Also the warmer the weather, the faster they’ll grow. At the moment we’re experiencing a bit of a heat wave around here! It’s 85 degrees today which is 20 above the average.

I’m also not supposed to water when I  plant them … they don’t need it and again, it could turn to rot. Aimee assured me that the rainfall we get is more than enough. It’s supposed to rain a bit this weekend, so hopefully that puts my mind at rest.

Crest fallen that I couldn’t plant that weekend, I went home with my little treasures…. and waited.

photo 5

Two weeks later…..

We’re having a heat wave! A temperate heat wave!

I always get so excited to plant new plants, I forget to learn their breed names. Dahlias always have fun ones. So this time, I kept the bags and labeled my stakes.


Then I placed the bags where I wanted to plant them.


With the big clumps I would shovel down about a foot into the ground. Since these are so small I used a spade and only went down about 4-6 inches as instructed. They gave me an awesome set of very detailed instructions with my purchase.

I also gave them a little compost for feeder and planted with the eye facing up.


And now we wait! God save me!

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