Game On!

Spring has sprung! For me May marks the beginning of a fun filled summer! Fishing starts, gardening has begun, and most importantly SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! I’m sorry, go ahead and judge me, but I love my summers. It’s a time where I get to shuck my teacher clothes and get back to being me and taking care of me. My stress level gets a break and it shows! I have less migraines, my acid reflux goes away almost entirely, the bags under my eyes lighten up, my friends and family actually hear from me, and I have energy! Yes, my job is that taxing. I dare you to try it for a month.

Ok enough whining and crying back to the good stuff!


Planting has started in the vegetable garden finally! The rain is still unfortunately here but we seem to get a few remissions weekly. On those days, I rush home and get whatever I can done before the clouds roll in again.

 My first row of peas are sprouting

photo 2

 I also have some romaine popping out. See the teeny tiny sprouts above the rock marker?


Carrots: I planted a couple rows last week. There is just the tiniest couple of sprouts starting to show.

Herbs: I like to start my herbs in pots rather than straight into the ground. The place I like to put them doesn’t get a ton of sun which is fine one they’re established. But to get them germinating, full sphoto 3un seems the best approach. I have basil, dill, oregano, thyme, sage, and catnip for my kitty. I’ve grown basil and catnip before, the other 3 are new to me. I’m hoping they’ll just grow like weeds and be little work.

Here’s an up close of the dill sprouts starting to show:

photo 4

Onions: They look happy in the ground. Hopefully they’ll stay that way. As for my experiment with starts, here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • The starts that I left in their containers bunched up and crowded did great! Weird.
  • The starts that I put in little peat pots by themselves tended to dry out and die. I thought I was watering them enough but maybe not. I watered the crowded ones the same but they were fine.
  • I also got some dried out starts from Molbak’s (Disneyland for Gardeners) and put them straight in the ground. They seem to be doing well but it’s too soon to tell. I’ll keep you posted.


Dahlias: My dahlias from last year have been put in the ground. I couldn’t believe that they were already sprouting in the shed in the dark! The other half I have given as gifts to friends and family. I hope they have as much success with them as I have. Here is a great link for dahlia care if I gave you some or if you are thinking about planting some this year:


As for the rest of my Dahlia plot, I am eagerly awaiting a shipment from the Dahlia Barn. I can’t wait to try the crazy new varieties I picked!

Next weekend I’ll be planting tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumber! 3 of my all time favs! Super excited!


Mid-May is halibut season! I love halibut fishing….it’s easy! You go out where it’s deep and hilly, find a sharp incline, drop your weighted bait and drift up the hill hoping to bump into these bottom feeders who are waiting for debris to trickle down the hill into their mouths. It kind of sucks pulling reeling your line up since it’s roughly 200 feet down but it’s a good workout. Even more so when there’s a fish on! Here’s a pic of the halibut we caught last year in Port Angeles.


What does May mean for you?

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