Why I love small towns No. 3: Chainsaw art

You know that neighbor right? The one that has a GIANT carved eagle sitting dead center in their front yard. Everytime you pass it, you just wish they would get rid of it… or move. It really doesn’t fit in the Crate and Barrel/Ikea/LL Bean suburbian world. In fact, it’s down right tacky right?

Well out here ammong the hodge podge of houses built from every decade since 1940, the myriad of vehicles that every home has strewn in and around thier yard, and the mixture would be gardeners and over grown lawns, it kind of works! Not to mention we’re a logging town so anything to do with wood is a point of pride and history.

There are only a handful of people out there that work in this profession. Mountain Man claims nearly all the work found up and down the South Puget Sound can be contributed to one man:


Although I don’t know his name, he is seen at all nearly all local festivals working under a tent surrounded by an army of carved bears, eagles, and salmon.


I call these Hitler bears… it looks like they’re saluting the Fuhrer a bit…



Here’s one in it’s native environment….


Since we won the Super Bowl, you knew this was coming…


Sometimes they char them. This is our version of “city art”


This is my favorite:


Remember: this was made with a CHAIN SAW!! Who knows, one day I might get my own Hitler Bear 🙂


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