Busy busy busy, I miss my blog!

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been!!! The past two weekend I’ve been off gallivanting with Caliente…. Last weekend I joined her in Portland for St Paddy’s day. Downtown was crazy! Green people everywhere! So fun! We got our faces painted.

Drank a lot,
I met Captain Jack Sparrow (sorry so blurry!

Drank a lot,
Sang and danced to great music

Drank a lot…. You get the idea.

The work week has been a game of survival. Just trucking through until the year is over. We’re so close.

Teachers Be Like Minions

The rain simply won’t let up and I’m still waiting for my poor garden to have a moments rest and dry out.

Noah called.  He pikks us up in 10 minits.

This weekend Caliente came up my way and we went to our nearest and dearests Momo’s new place. She and her hubby to be just bought a house in West Seattle. It needs some work before they can move in. Yesterday we helped demolish the kitchen 🙂 It was very fun!

Photo: Working hard at the new house!!!

I think after breakfast mountain man and I will take the boat out for it’s 2014 maiden voyage today. We shall see… Hopefully soon I’ll have some garden updates and food to share. Cheers!

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