ADHD and Cow Poop!

Patience is not one of my strong suits…. Wait, I’m a damn good middle school teacher and a pretty decent gardener so maybe that’s not entirely true since both require a ton of patience….

Ok how about I’m a busy person with a ton of energy….. well, maybe not. I go to bed early on weeknights and am always the first to crash out on camping trips. Most who know me know I need more rest than most to perform. And I love being lazy…

ADHD? Squirrel! My sister tells me I get more ADHD the longer I teach middle school and I completely agree. I am all over the place! But I tend to focus on things I care about to the point of obsession…..

I give up! One thing is for sure; I love to play in the dirt and don’t like to wait around for the weather to behave in order to get out in it. So I decided to get muddy today… Stella did too.


I woke up and after copious amounts of coffee found myself pushing a huge cart around Home Depot with voracious determination and a smile. I went straight over to all the bags o’ shit….literally and loaded up on cow manure and compost. Maneuvering the cart became significantly more difficult, I nearly took out a few displays and people as I worked my way to the check out.


Upon returning home I immediately set to work, dumping cow dumps all over the place. The ground is still so saturated my feet sunk a good foot in some areas. Eventually I got it all smoothed out. Essentially the plot is ready for planting as soon as it dries out a bit.


I feel so much better staring at my handy work. It’s like a clear canvass waiting for paint!



Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, Mountain Man is making nightstands for our bedroom. They’re set to match my dresser that I’ve had and loved since I was a baby.





3 thoughts on “ADHD and Cow Poop!

  1. Way to make today a productive one. Your projects and energy to do them amaze me. Your garden is gonna look beautiful, it’s so ready to go!

    I love the image of you working in the garden and your MM making night stands. Love! A perfect pair! Tell him he did well!!!!

    Have you already decided on what to plant?

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