Is it spring yet????

There is snow on the ground. Here i sit with thoughts of flowers and vegetables dancing in my head. This always happens, the holidays are over and I can’t wait for the ground to thaw so I can play in it. Since that’s not an option for a little while, I’ll satisfy my cravings with research. I found this website today:

Mother Earth News

They have some great advice and ideas. Favoriting that one for sure.

One thing I learned last year was that I need to buy seeds that are bred for our climate. My onions and carrots were pathetic! I have a feeling using run of the mill seeds from the grocery store may not be the best way to get a great yield. I found this brand at the “hoity toity” nursery in my area. You know the place, where plants are ridiculously expensive but they never die and bloom and bloom and bloom. Anywho, these seeds are bred for our area. I’m tempted to buy most of my seeds from them this year:

Anyone tried these guys? Any suggestions/recommendations for good veggie seeds and starts in WA?


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