Fall Fishing and the Great Garden Shut Down

Saturday, Mountain Man and I headed for the Tilton River near Morton. It’s filled with big kings and silvers this time of year which can be really fun to catch. I’m not a big fan of putting on the waders and trudging through the river currents nor am I a fan of standing in a testosterone dominated line taking turns casting into a tiny stretch of river. I’m more of a boat fisher, less pressure, stress, and competition. However, from time to time, I’ll give it a shot in hopes of catching a few big ones. This was one of those days. The drive alone was amazing! Back roads with fall leaves, I could have cruised around all day and been perfectly content. When we got to the fishing hole….

fishing 2fishing 3

Yep, what a zoo.

To make matters sillier, the fish truck (the truck that dumps fish from the hatchery into the river) was coming through hourly with a fresh load!


We tried a few different spots up and down the river but it was mostly the same; too many people to actually enjoy fishing.  But the scenery was lovely 🙂


So we bailed empty-handed but it wasn’t a big deal. We have a good stockpile of salmon in the freezer.

On the drive home, MM took me to the area where he has been bow hunting lately. The town is overrun with elk. We got to watch two young “spikes” (young male elks with one spike for antlers) duke it out. It was really cool to see. They’re really cool animals to watch… and tasty too!

elk elk 2

Sunday began the Great Garden Shut Down. It was time to remove all the annual veggies, till the earth, and let it winter. The temperature has significantly dropped and it shows. So sad looking 😦


Here’s what it looked like in its hay-day:

garden 5

So I removed everything

clearing 2

Then I tilled. MM got me a roto tiller when I first started this project. I love it! It’s perfect for my needs and makes this part kind of fun!

clearing 3 clearing 4

And now to let it rest. But not without using the scraps for something:


Happy Fall Y’all!

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