Sekiu Storm Shennanigans

Washington’s rain season has begun with a bang. I had hoped this post would be filled with pictures of big Coho salmon and a lot of smiles…. nope nope nope. After spending Wednesday and Thursday evenings after work packing and preparing for our trip with 0 down time, the rain really started to set in Friday. By the time I was home from work it had sucked my motivation dry… or is that wet? Now, I don’t mind camping and fishing in the rain. The boat has a cover, we’ve got rain gear, and as long as the tent is water proof, it’s totally fine! If only it were that simple.

We got out there around 10 pm (It takes 4 hours to get there from our house) and immediately set up camp while it was dry-ish. The minute we were done was the minute the rain began. I love listening to the rain falling on the tent… as long as it’s not falling in the tent. I had just lain down and took a deep sigh when…. Drip…. Right on my forehead! I bolt up and check out the roof of the tent. Sure enough, the rain is coming through in several areas. We’ve never actually camped in this tent in the rain, and kind of forgot to scotch guard the damn thing! Why aren’t tents just automatically weather proofed??? I mean, honestly! So I call Mountain Man into the tent to help (listen to me flip out) with the situation. He finds the only drip free area in the tent and sets up my gear there (he takes really good care of me) Then he starts tying towels with string through the middle of the tent. He tells me it’s like a dream catcher but it’s a rain catcher so we can have sweet dreams….creative, amusing, and it worked!


Normally MM and his dad get up and out on the boat around 4:30 in the morning. I was surprised to wake up at 6 and find MM sleeping next to me. I was even more surprised when MM woke me up with coffee and 8! Apparently an ex typhoon was working its way towards the coast and our general direction. The waves inside the harbor were 3 to 5 ft. high!


I don’t even want to know what the waves were like in the straight! The marine weather report was predicting 50 mph gusts. In a 19 ft. boat? ummmm no. When I asked about Sunday, MM’s dad informed me that’s when the “real weather” started. Cruising around on Facebook, I stumbled across this report:

Ex-Typhoon Energy To Bring Classic Windstorm Scenario To Pacific Northwest On Sunday

We were basically at the Northwestern most tip of WA….. where all the red is headed.

This is one of the biggest weekends in the small town of Sekiu. It was bizarre to see everyone pulling their boats out of the water rather than heading out of the harbor. We quickly did the same before our boat could get any more beat up by the dock.

After a few beers (at 10 am, I love that about camping) we decided to go to the only diner in town for breakfast. I was super impressed with their sausage gravy. Very tasty.

Then we headed back to camp to pack up. The rain was coming down in buckets at this point. There were puddles in the tent.


And I was starting to look like I’d gone swimming in my clothes.


We threw everything in the boat and car as quickly as possible.


A quick change and a crank of the heater and we were on the road home. With every gust and downpour, it was obvious we had made the right choice. On the bright side, we get to watch football today and I’m making soup in the crockpot.

I really love Sekiu though. It was very sad leaving without even going on the boat let alone not getting to fish. Especially knowing that the town is about to shut down for winter and won’t be back until spring. Sigh, winter well Sekiu, see you next spring ❤

2 thoughts on “Sekiu Storm Shennanigans

  1. The rain started AFTER you set up the tent, that’s important! Except for the lack of scotch guard. It sounds like an adventure rather than a fishing trip. Glad you guys came home. I’m making crockpot food, too! Gotta have dinners prepped for the week. :p

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