Jalapeno Jelly and Great Friends

     Yesterday a couple of my girlfriends came over for some girl time and jalapeno jelly making. Jalapeno jelly may sound a bit strange but it is excellent on smoked fish, which we have in spades.

We followed the recipe from “Blue Book” by the Ball canning company.IMG_1479

I purchased some pepper starts in May and they have done very well over the summer. They take a long time to heat up but by yesterday, they were toasty warm!

I have never canned before because I was intimidated by the ramifications if I were to screw up. However, my friend Marcia has for many moons. She was more than happy to come over and show me how. Another friend of mine, Carmen, was also curious about the process and joined us for the adventure.IMG_1464   


After picking all the best looking peppers we cut and seeded them… 

I’ve never had a problem cutting a jalapeno or two for salsa, but a pound of them sent all three of us coughing and sneezing! 

All the peppers were blended with a little apple cider vinegar and sieved through net.


IMG_1480  IMG_1484

The liquid was added to a pot with a TON of sugar and a little vinegar. To incorporate the sugar, the mixture had to be rapidly boiled for 10 minutes.

IMG_1490  IMG_1533

Then we added liquid pectin and boiled again. 


After skimming off the foam, the jelly was ready to be poured.


Each can was carefully wiped, sealed, and set upside down to cool.

 IMG_1467        IMG_1508    IMG_1526  

We had a blast and I can’t wait to can again!

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